Four ways to publish your book


Only Calsbooks will publish your book free - zero cost to you.

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New authors are often confounded by the number of paperback and hardcover publishers offering various schemes and pricing arrangements. Too often, they fall into the trap of a Vanity publishing scam, or simply do not  understanding the terms. They often spend a great deal of money on books showing how to find an agent, editor, reviewer, and marketing. To say nothing of the months and years waiting for the inevitable rejections from traditional publishers who only buy manuscripts from well-known entertainers, politicians, talk show hosts and others whose stories are in demand.

Vanity publishing, also called subsidy publishing, differs from self-publishing in that the author assumes all the risk and pays the publisher. This is counterproductive to authors trying to make money on their books. While vanity presses do offer services like cover design and editing, there are two major catches. First, they do no marketing other than submitting the book to Amazon, so you have no chance of making any of your money back. Secondly, once a manuscript is published by a subsidy, it becomes their property, right down to the ISBN number. The author forfeits all rights to the book once it appears in the publisher’s catalog.

Self-publishing is difficult for authors who have already spent a lot of valuable time writing their book and do not have the time for or experience to perform all the other tasks involved before going to print. Self-publishing companies like Lulu and BookBaby provide these on a fee-for-service basis,  including cover design and editing. They print your books on-demand at a reasonable printing cost for any number of copies purchased by the author. Lulu lists it at a retail price set by you in their store and on Amazon. However, you are responsible for registering the copyright and ISBN, production management, and marketing.

When authors are their own publishers, they do have control over the final price of the book and profits. Other than Lulu  and Book Baby, self publishers do require some sort of up-front payment and nickle and dime you for other services.

Traditional Publishers differ from both of these types of publishing options. These companies invest their money and resources (like marketing and printing) into the hoping that the books will sell. They purchase rights to manuscripts and pay royalties to the author, often offering advances prior to publishing. Authors often believe that once they have a book contract, all they have to do is sit back and collect royalty checks every month. But royalties are based on sales and publishers of any stripe expect the author to help sell books using every sales tool available to them.                       

Calsbooks Publishing offers the best of the two worlds -  book creation and sales. The only cost is for membership in our Affiliate program. Even that is zero because your money goes to buy you any $19.95 book in our store. (you must pay for shipping though). As an affiliate we will professionally prepare your manuscript for printing, provide an ISBN number (required on all books), include your copyright notice and acknowledgements, design a cover, print the book in 6 x 9 inch format and provide you with ten copies for just $4.00 each plus shipping. 

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