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Your book has been published, and is listed  on Amazon, libraries, and book store around the world. With Calsbooks, you can sell it anywhere

It doesn't matter who published your book, nobody will buy it unless someone points it out and recommends it to potential buyers. Right now, you are the only sales person you have. Certainly, Amazon is not going to give you special attention. Nor will any book store or library without strong recommendation by someone.

You need a serious marketing plan. Ads on facebook and other social media, book readings in libraries and book stores, videos, and news releases. All expensive and time consuming. You are no longer an author- you are one of the most hated people on earth: a full-time salesman.

But Cal Smith created a system that makes your book go viral with no effort. All you have to do is buy a $19.95 book from our bookstore (and automatically become an affiliate with no extra cost) and recommend it to a few friends.

If six of your friends each buy a book as in the illustration above, your earn 20% residuals on every sale. In this case $4x6=$24. If each of these have 6 friends who buy a book, they get $24 on their sales  and you get another 6x6x$2 (10%) =$64.

From here, it gets a bit confusing, but the 36 people who bought the book and liked it referred six friends, that's 216 more sales at 10% ($2 ea) = $432.

It soulds like a lot but everyone has become an affiliate and, (like you and I) wants to make money. so it's not only the book that's tempting  them to buy, it's the business opportunity. Because everyone who buys becomes the YOU in the above diagram.

So now, at this level, 216 make six sales (1296 total) and you make 5% or $1 equals $1296.

But you still get paid on the fifth level whish is 1296 times six = $7776.

So you have earned a  total of $9592 for selling six books. Not bad. but think of how that would  multiple if you and everybody else sold books to 12 new people. you'd earn a total of $273,360.

Here's how:

level 1   12x4 = $48                       12 new members

Level 2  144x2 = $288                   12 x 12 = 144 new members

Level 3   1728x2  = $3456             144 x 12 = 1,728 new members

Level 4   20,736x1 = $20,736         1,728 x 12 = 20,736 new members

Level 5   248,832x1 = $248,832      20,736 x 12 = 248,832 new members

Is that possible? Of course it is. Just think of Facebook, Twitter and the other social media programs. Jeff Bezo started amazon selling books at a loss and is now the richest man on earth, just slightly richer than Rich DeVoss and Jay Van Andel, who started Amay selling detergent fro their garage in 1959.

There's no doubt though that you'll only make a pittance to start because there's only you, then a couple more in a couple weeks. But if you recognize that fact from the beginning and just keep your eyes and ears open, you'll be in the big time within a year.